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Learning is a key that opens the doors of knowledge.

Target audience and prerequisites

Embracing the idea of having a personal teacher for homework help and revision has many benefits:

First, a personal teacher offers individualized support, tailored to the student's specific needs. Whether it's clarifying difficult concepts, asking additional questions, or getting additional explanations, a personal teacher is there to meet the student's unique needs, promoting greater understanding and improved performance.

By having a personal teacher, the student also benefits from personalized attention. Unlike a traditional classroom, where the teacher has to deal with several students at the same time. A personal teacher focuses exclusively on the student. This allows for deeper interaction, continuous assessment of progress and adaptation of teaching approaches based on the specific needs of the student.

The personal teacher can help establish a regular schedule for homework and revision, which promotes student discipline and organization.

Additionally, joining in having a personal teacher provides moral support and additional motivation. The teacher is there to encourage, guide and inspire the student. It can provide emotional support during stressful periods related to homework and exams and help the student maintain motivation even in the face of difficulties. This supportive relationship helps build student self-confidence and develop a positive attitude toward learning.




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Services soutiens scolaire

Toutes les formules de soutien scolaire offrent les services mentionnés.

Enfant sur tablette

Exercices en ligne

Accéder à des exercices en ligne sans frais qui sont personnalisés pour correspondre à votre niveau scolaire et à votre progression actuelle dans vos études

Perles de l’alphabet

Test de niveau scolaire

Optimisez votre préparation aux examens en choisissant des tests personnalisés en fonction de votre niveau scolaire.
Vérifiez que vous êtes prêt à passer à la classe supérieure en vérifiant vos acquis.

Adolescents à la bibliothèque

Groupe de lecture

Participer à un groupe de lecture et améliorer votre vocabulaire et compréhension . Perfectionner votre grammaire et développer votre esprit critique et créatif. Renforcer vos compétences en communication.

Matières enseignées







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Instruction civique



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Target audience and prerequisites

Primary and middle school children

The initial level must be verified by ALPHABEST  before the launch of the program.

Online test: Needs analysis, Written assessment, quiz (itest), Oral assessment

Student transcript request


The course is divided into several stages.


First of all, we organize an initial contact meeting to better understand your expectations and needs. During this meeting, we carry out a written, reading and oral assessment test, which will allow us to identify your current level and put in place the program best suited to your needs. specific.


Then, the courses will be taught either in person, depending on your place of residence and/or remotely via videoconference sessions. This flexibility will allow you to adapt to your geographic or professional constraints and facilitate your access to learning.


Throughout the program, assessment tests will be regularly offered to measure your progress and adjust the course content if necessary. These assessments make it possible to check understanding and assimilation of knowledge, and contribute to the success of learning.


The ultimate goal is to provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs and to promote constant progress in language acquisition. We are committed to offering you quality courses, whether in person or remotely, in order to guarantee an enriching and effective learning experience.

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