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(5 ans at 11 years old)

(12 years to 17 years)

Child learning French


Learning a foreign language, especially one as difficult as French, requires strong involvement and diligence which will be required throughout the learning process. Our beginner-level FLE (French as a Foreign Language) training, delivered in the form of workshops for 1 to 8 people, will allow trainees to understand the basics of the French language thanks to courses combining French lessons and written expression practices. and oral.

Educational objectives of FLE training – Beginner level

      -  Acquire autonomy in the French language in terms of written and oral expression.


      -  Take stock of the areas to work on


      -  Understand the functioning and logic of the French language

Depending on school level (maybe adjusted)


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- Express your personal and family identity

- Use presentation standards and polite expressions

- Write syllables, common words, verbs

- Numbers



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- Read words, simple sentences

- Vocabulary

- Understanding

- Numbers



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- The alphabet

- The gender and number of words

- Express your personal and family identity

- Use presentation standards and polite expressions

- Inform, learn about space and time

- Inform, find out about the places

- Request information, accept and refuse

- Understand an oral message

- Phonetics exercises



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- Understand a text, a fable

- Find simple information in an audio document (the transmitter, the subject of the message, the date, the time, the location)

- Understand the essence of an oral message from daily life with a limited number of information

Etudiants de la diversité

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FLE courses for children aged 12 to 17 offer a fun and enriching experience. These courses aim to develop French language skills while promoting intercultural understanding.

Educational objectives of FLE training – for teenagers:


  • To understand


  • Communicate


  • Express yourself both in writing and orally thanks to our dynamic teaching method


  • Deepen grammatical knowledge, work on writing, practice phonetics and pronunciation and study French civilization and culture.

Our program

Depending on school level (can be adjusted)


  • Communicate a message by telephone or in person

  • Explain, specify, compare, present facts

  • Express your tastes, your choices, your feelings, give your opinion

  •  Talk about past or current events

  •  Producing and reproducing utterances

  •  Work on pronunciation

  •  Phonics exercises


  • Understanding a newspaper article

  • Know how to answer specific questions about an article or a film


  • Retransmit a message based on information heard (in a face-to-face situation or on the telephone)

  • Identify in writing the main idea of a text, write down the salient facts

  •  Retracing past or current events

  • Correspond to give explanations, make a complaint, express a feeling

  • Learn more about grammar

  • Enrich the vocabulary


  • Understand a short text

  •  Understand a text related to current events

  • Enrich Vocabulary

  • Synonym, antonym

Target audience and prerequisites

Any person, whose mother tongue is not French, who has difficulty with written and oral expression in French

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The course is divided into several stages.


First of all, we organize an initial contact meeting to better understand your expectations and needs. During this meeting, we carry out a written, reading and oral assessment test, which will allow us to identify your current level and put in place the program best suited to your needs. specific.


Then, the courses will be taught either in person, depending on your place of residence and/or remotely via videoconference sessions. This flexibility will allow you to adapt to your geographic or professional constraints and facilitate your access to learning.


Throughout the program, assessment tests will be regularly offered to measure your progress and adjust the course content if necessary. These assessments make it possible to check understanding and assimilation of knowledge, and contribute to the success of learning.


The ultimate goal is to provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs and to promote constant progress in language acquisition. We are committed to offering you quality courses, whether in person or remotely, in order to guarantee an enriching and effective learning experience.

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